Someone who simply loves sake…


Simone is based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been traveling to various locations in Japan since 2003 and spent the best part of 2007 living in Osaka.


Her interest in, and passion for, sake has evolved from a very early fascination with Japanese culture, and 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry.


Simone holds the WSET Sake Level 3 Certification and in January 2018, travelled to Tokyo to participate in John Gauntner’s Sake Professional Course, receiving a Sake Professional Certification from the Sake Education Council.

シモーヌはthe WSET の日本酒認定資格レベル3を取得しています。また、2018年1月にはJohn Gauntnerの日本酒 プロフェッショナルコースに参加するため、東京へと旅し、 the Sake Education Councilのコース認定書を授与されています。

In March 2019, she returned to Tokyo to take John Gauntner’s Level 2 course, joining the Advanced Sake Professional alumni.

2019年3月、彼女は東京でジョン•ガントナーの日本酒プロフェショナル レベル2の認定

More importantly, Simone simply loves sake along with it’s rich history and fine craftsmanship. Her mission is to share the joy of sake and help promote this unique and delicious beverage in Australia and beyond. ~ Kanpai!
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